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NiFi is based on Flow Based Programming (FBP) FBP Term NiFi Term Description Information Packet FlowFile Each object moving through the system. Black Box FlowFile Processor Performs the work, doing some combination of data routing, transformation, or mediation between systems. Bounded Buffer

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Apr 04, 2017 · We will use NiFi's pre-built GetKafka and PutFile processors to create our data flow. NiFi’s extensive pre-built processor list eases linking your NiFi dataflow to external services, such as AWS, Kafka, ElasticSearch, etc. Building Your First Flow To add a processor to the NiFi canvas: Click on the processor symbol with the "plus sign"on the menu and drag it to the canvas. Search for the type of processor, highlight the process, and click add to add the processor to the canvas.

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Each generated FlowFile is comprised of an element of the specified array and transferred to relationship 'split,' with the original file transferred to the 'original' relationship. Nifi Split Json Example . I am having trouble with my dataflow using Nifi, Sure because I didn't understand how Wit/Notify Works.

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