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I need some weather info for another application so I wonder if I can get a virtual weatherstation up and running and display the data on an HMI screen I recently bought. There are a few options to choose from in domoticz but I choose wunderground as it uses the data from someone elses weatherstation.

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Connect to Weather Underground, the world's largest Personal Weather Station community! This is a setup-only app which allows you to connect your station to your Wi-Fi network and input your ...

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Hi, After the closure of Weather Underground, one of my clients has got access to new API for this from IBM. I'd like to keep using this plugin to represent data (it's used in local towns across a region to show current temps, high low and etc). Wunderground has teamed up with The Weather Channel to become a prime source of information for those You can use the Wunderground app or its website to check the weather for any location.... If you know the weather-station ID that Wunderground assigns, you can search for this ID instead.May 31, 2017 · Quickly join the nation’s largest community of personal weather station owners on Weather Underground with the AcuRite Direct to Weather Underground Wi-Fi weather station. Simply connect to Weather Underground directly from the Wi-Fi display! Additionally, most AcuRite weather sensors are compatible with Weather Underground, as long as you ...

Many weather stations are compatible with Weather Underground. Check out our buying guide to find out what station is right for you based on ease of use, connectivity and variety of sensors. Browse Stations. Already have a Weather Station? Connect Now (Remark: The weather station only supports the 2.4 GHz band. Wind speed in ms, km/h, mph, knots and bft (accuracy: <10m/s: +/-1m/s, >=10m/s: 10%). Weather Station WIFI Internet Wunderground Professional 7-in-1 Wireless Sensor. 32,186.97 RUB.