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ng2-date-picker – Highly configurable date picker built for Angular 2 applications. angular2-material-datepicker – A minimalist datepicker inspired by Google’s material design. Color Picker. ngx-color-picker – Color picker widget for Angular 2+. angular2-color-picker – Angular 2 Color Picker Directive, no dependences required.

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Angular Date Time Picker. Angular date time picker - Angular reusable UI component This package supports Angular 9+ / Angular 10. Breaking Changes. The date/time picker has been updated to support Angular 9+, Angular 10, as well as compilation using Ivy. See full list on

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Mar 19, 2020 · Angular Material Datepicker with range selection : 238 : 6: mydatepicker: Angular 2+ date picker : 559 : 7: ... Angular Date Range Picker inspired by PayPal’s one ...

The md-datepicker, an Angular Directive, is an input control to select a date and supports ngMessages for input validation.. Attributes. The following table lists out the parameters and description of the different attributes of md-datepicker.